Travel Guide : How To Travel At Low Cost

“If I have the money to travel, I would never stay in one place long.”

Travelers often say this. Free travel is not possible for everyone, but it can be done at a low cost. Your true traveler’s mind and a little awareness can reduce your travel expenses by 30 to 40 percent. Today’s article is organized with some ways to reduce travel costs. For those who want to travel at a lower cost, writing will be quite useful.

Know The Place Where You Want To Go

If you go away without knowing the exact location, the cost increases manifold, so you have to run the risk of the position. Often, the joy of travel becomes a ground for not having a predisposition. So, wherever you decide to go, study the place regularly. Try to find out the information about the people, the weather, nature, the perfect time to visit, places to stay, bargains, food bar, its history, vehicles, etc. Google, YouTube, various travel blogs can easily do the job. This will facilitate your travel planning.

Talk To Someone Who Has Been To That Place Before

This method is quite useful. He who has visited the place once before can give you a good idea. He has a real idea about the cost of living, the guide, the people there, the rules. Take his advice.

Arrange Travel Plans

Sorting out travel plans is very important. Arrange your travel plans based on your budget, a number of members, time. Keep some extra budget, no matter how small, may be useful in a disaster.

Try Team Trips

Try not to travel alone, but in groups. As it will reduce costs, you will also get good support in case of danger. Traveling in groups can cost-sharing. Let’s say taxi fares are 1000 Tk. If you go alone, you have to bear the entire cost. But if there is a group of four, then the cost will come down to 250 bucks. You can also share the cost of hotels, guides, meals. Team travel will save you a lot of travel expenses.

But yes, the team members will be careful about the elections. Suppose you are going trekking. But when someone went to the spot and said he was not trekking, a problem would arise. Many have extra choices about what to eat and eat. Many can never share a room again. It is best to share the entire itinerary with the group before the group travel. This reduces the chances of unwanted problems.

Try Going Into The Off-Season

The cost of living in the off-season will be much lower. So you can go in the off-season. You can go again anytime before or after the off-season. Even then the cost will be a little less.

Get Help With Community Tours

Many places have specific community tours. I can take their help. For example, if you are traveling to Rangamati or Bandarban area, you can get a chance to stay with the indigenous people instead of the hotel with community tourism. As it will reduce costs, you will also have the opportunity to learn about the customs and practices of the local people by staying close to them.

Learn To Bargain

It is very important to have this quality. Get out of the way when you rent a hotel or taxi. There is no harm in doing a little scrutiny. The same applies to the shop.

Cut The Tickets In Advance

If possible, book your tickets in advance. This will allow you to buy a lot of tickets. Many airlines often have different offers. You can use them. You can get this opportunity by keeping little eyes and ears open.

Try Using Public Transportation

In many places, government transport fares are relatively low. For example, there are many buses like our BRTC bus in Kolkata. The fares are quite low. This type of transport will undoubtedly cost less than a taxi or auto.

Get Help With Google Maps And Travel Apps

Find out about nearby places of sights from Google Maps. A lot of times you can walk around places. You can get travel apps like TripAdvisor, Culture Trip. These will give you a good idea of ​​where to travel. With these apps, you can find out about places nearby. The Trip Advisor will tell you about sightseeing in the places you are in.

When Leaving Out, Keep Water and Dry Food With You

You can keep water and dry food in the backpack as you go around. Because the prices of food and drinks around the sites are relatively high.

Be Tactful When It Comes To Food

When traveling, we eat a lot of that that makes us tired. Keep this in mind. In the morning you can eat in the stomach. It will provide the body with energy throughout the day. Lunch is light. You can eat some heavy food again at night. Keep in mind that what you eat is rich in carbohydrates. Because traveling costs a lot of calories from the body.

Travel Excluding Holidays

If possible, skip the holidays. Because people are high at this time, the price of goods is higher than the crowd. As a result, your expenses will be higher.

Voluntary Work

Often times, many organizations offer free travel money in exchange for voluntary work, although this has to go through a verification process. You can exploit these opportunities. You can find such opportunities from this website called Youth Opportunity.

Overall, keeping these things in mind can greatly reduce travel costs. But remember, no matter where you go to travel, treat people well, get help. Do not throw away food packets, water bottles, etc. And yes, you can travel to Binayapayas if you want! That’s why you have to be a stroller.

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