Top 8 Hotels & Resorts in Bali-Indonesia

Bali is the name of a dream dreamer. Indonesia’s heavenly sand is truly dreamy. What is not in the sand? You can watch the sunset on a spacious coral wall or spread white sand on a ship used in World War II. In the artistic capital of Ubud, you can attend a yoga class to enjoy local cultural dance or fatigue. But if you just look around, it will not be so, a place to stay. There is nothing lacking in the sand. Today we have news about some of the best hotels in Bali.

Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan

Something off the coast, the dense bamboo forests and the magnificent beauty of the Holy Young River make the Bali Hotel more attractive. Ubud is just 10 minutes drive from the hotel to the center of the spiritual and cultural diversity of Bali. The hotel has its own shuttle system open till five in the afternoon. If you want to get to the airport by bus, it will take about two hours. But comfortable leather seats with air-conditioned seats, air-conditioned and WiFi facilities will undoubtedly ease your journey.

The hotel has 42 terraced villas and 18 specialized suites. Daily supplemental facilities include yoga, village tours, bike tours, and local Balinese dance tours. If you want to enjoy your companionship in the silence, you can spend the entire morning in the infinity pool. Other amenities include a bar, body exercise center, restaurant, parking, laundry and a special spa on the Holy Young River.

There is nothing to disappoint those who eat. Only when you hear the breakfast menu will you be sure to smile. Fresh fruits, smoothies, cheese, pastries, bread, etc. And Indonesian Indonesian food is on hand. The most positive thing is that the hotel authorities have arranged all the available rooms separately for the special needs person.

W Bali – Seminyak

One of the most popular hotels in Bali, the spa facilities are especially noteworthy. Chandu is called the Kingdom of Surfing. Shortly from the hotel, a taxi can be reached by taxi. There are lots of shops around the hotel. There are special benefits for music lovers.

All the modern arrangements required for recording and mixing have been kept lost in the tune. Every day of the week there is a daily benefit of the Hot Stone Bath and Fitness Center. The Business Center has high-speed Internet access and numerous books and DVD-rich libraries. The highlight of this hotel is its steam room or hammam.

AYANA Resort and Spa

According to most tourists, this hotel is one of the most beautiful sunsets in Bali. Located high above the Indian Ocean, this hotel is close to the Gulf of Zimbra. One of the attractions of the building is its rocker. Tourists enjoy the beauty of the rising sun from this hotel facing the valley. And when it came down to the disc, the jockeys invited rhythms to the rhythm and rhythm of the rhythm.


Hoshinawa is a Japan-based resort company. They have two business activities outside the country. One in Tahiti and the other in Bali. The natural beauty of Ubud is depicted on the walls made of wood in the hotel room. There are three types of villas in this hotel – Bulan, Sakha, and Jalak.
The difference in the rooms is basically the size, the luxury is not less than the other if you think in terms of luxury. There are three types of breakfast facilities – Japanese, American, and Indonesian. There is an endless supply of fresh fruit juice, coffee, and tea.

Gajah Mina Beach Resort

The hotel is located two and a half hours away from the airport. This resort has its own beach. If you want to get the most beautiful view of the coast, it is possible to visit the spa center. All hotel authorities will arrange for various spots to visit, shop or surf. However, no separate arrangement was made to cater to the special needs people, which is a downside of the hotel.

Alila Villas – Uluwatu

Surfing is the main attraction of this hotel in the south of Bali. The sea is near the hotel. And the sea is naturally a center of interest for surfers here. There is also the Uluwatu Temple. Despite the roar of the sea, the surroundings of the hotel are quite quiet and quiet compared to other resorts in Bali. The hotel is about 300 feet high from the Indian Ocean. Not too far from the airport, you can reach this hotel in 45 minutes.

To reach the hotel’s own beach, you will have to climb 600 stairs. If anyone is shocked to hear this, then I say, do not be afraid. If there is a reluctance to climb the stairs, there is a 50-meter long swimming pool. There are spa facilities there as well. A spa, in particular, is a spa. There are two restaurants in this hotel. You can see the soup, lamb, momo or any freshly caught marine fish.

COMO Shambhala Estate

It will take 90 minutes from Denpasar Airport and 45 minutes from Central Ubud to reach this hotel by car. The hotel is built in the middle of the forest. The entire hotel is designed in such a way that all tourists can have a close relationship with nature. The infinity pool will be seen from all around.

Hotel authorities are so dedicated to tourists that they appoint assistants for each one, and they will quickly find out your personal likes, dislikes. If you want to enjoy the best spa facilities in Bali you must come to this hotel. There are 9 rooms in total. Also, there are 3 separate rooms for the married. Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Hot Stone Massage and Reflexology, etc. You will also find spa centers.

Stone House

The hotel is located in Ubud, the cultural center of Bali, about an hour’s drive from Denpasar Airport. On your way from the airport to the hotel, you will find the ancient temple, sometimes the local design houses and sometimes the paddy fields on either side of the road.

Moreover, there is a pool of hot water, in which the unspoiled rocks are brought from Java. Breakfast at this hotel can be refreshed with fresh water. The special attraction is to cook onion leaves and roasted eggs with dried pepper.

Take a tour of the world. From one end to the other, with the offuran vitality. But of course, no matter where you travel, be sure to take care of nature!

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