Top 6 Places In India | Travel With a Houseboat

There is not much circulation of houseboat tourism in the world. However, in many areas, there are some opportunities in the short-range, but for those who are addicted to a houseboat, there are some wonderful places in India, some of which are world names! Those who dream to see the beauty of the city aboard a houseboat in Venice, Italy, can also taste a little opaque. It has three advantages – easy travel, low cost, easy access to sightseeing. By the way, I am talking about the best destination in India, like riding a houseboat without talking.

Location of India :

1. Dal Lake, Kashmir

“यदि पृथ्वी पर स्वर्ग है, तो यह यहाँ है, यहाँ है, यहाँ है।”
That is, “If there is heaven on earth, it is here, here, here.”

This is what the Mughal emperor Akbar said about Kashmir. Dal Lake is one of the most beautiful streams in that paradise. Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir province for tourists, means the lake. Boulevard Street will be at a distance if you visit Srinagar, Red Chowk or hour house. You will see a sari-sari houseboat on the side of Dal Lake right next to the street. What a strange name, California, New Zealand! The self-contained houseboat has a plethora of amenities to eat. Spend the night on a houseboat while standing on the balcony and watching the sunrise. Alishan will stand on the balcony of the Sonoranga houseboat, watching the reflective gold in the frosty waters of the lake, or you can see the fiery snow-covered Pir Panjali Mountains.

You have to start at dawn by pressing on a small stream called Shikara. The well-equipped boat can hold 5 people together. If you want, you can sail your boat with a pint-sized seating from the middle. After floating around the lake for a while you will see floating flowers, fruits and vegetables in the market. It is like a waste garden on the river! Not just a garden but a floating photo studio. After viewing the catalog, you can choose the desired Kashmiri costume and take a picture of it.

2. Alappuzha, Kerala

There is a practice of ‘Venice in the East’ about two places in India, the first being Udaipur in Rajasthan, the second being Alappura or Aleppo in Kerala. However, Alappuzha, Kerala, has made a unique name for the houseboat beyond the world. Kerala is a remarkable association of Dutch, Portuguese, colonialism with South Indian culture. One of the beauties of that Kerala off the coast of Malabar is the traditional boat run by the backwaters. If you want to enjoy a sailboat aboard the Lakshadweep Sea, you will have to visit Alappura, which is the cleanest city in India after Mysore and Goa Panaji in Karnataka. Among the backwaters, the Vemnad and Ashtamudi lakes are the most popular houseboats for travelers to Bihar.
The houseboats are named Ketubblum. Bedroom, balcony, kitchen, bathroom, toilet what’s not! The food menu will have Kerala’s own terms – rice, sambar (vegetable soup), avail (vegetable, yogurt, coconut, coconut oil with curry leaf), mezukkupurati (fried vegetable curry), papads, padaasam (traditional rice pudding). Etc.

In addition to the semi-urban, semi-rural traditional architectural houses with green shadows on both sides, you will find Kerala’s ‘trademark’ vast coconut and palm trees, and extensive paddy fields. Apart from Alappura, you can also start from Kochi in Ernakulam district of Kerala. But at the end of the boat, it will fall into one of the backwaters and the journey will end in Alappuzha.

3. Chhapra, Goa

Goa can be a little nervous when you hear it. A beautifully decorated hall in the western beaches of the city, a place of tremendous costume! But no, this beach of golden sand is only a small part of the beauty of Goa. Another side of Goa, another form, is much more unattractive than that. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the free air, you want to be immersed, as well as the pleasure of changing after a ‘monotonous’ sea view, the other part of Goa may be your choice for luxury at a lower cost than the ‘main body’. Goa is also a part of the backwaters watershed along the Malabar coast. In that part of the river called Chhapora, you will find extraordinary houseboats, which can be enjoyed all day by climbing. A few hours after departing from the port of Bordeaux or Panama, in Bihar, you will also see the famous Chhapora castle, along with ancient churches, farms, and villages of all kinds of Portuguese style. With all the elements of luxury, the houseboat holds a dance concert!

4. Dindi, Andhra Pradesh

Eastern Godavari or Konasima district of Andhra Pradesh. The name suggests that the famous Godavari is situated on the bank of the river. Like the rivers of Bangladesh, this Godavari river is mixed in the Bay of Bengal. This is a green suburb next to Godavari river, the name of his day. The village is famous for its extraordinary natural beauty due to its extraordinary architectural design. Boats with air-conditioned and full-fledged residential facilities are available at various ghats or resorts of Rajolu or Narsapur, adjoining Dindi.

These houseboats will show you many of the most famous places in the coastal areas of Andhra Pradesh, including Vineyard, Kakinada beach, Rajahmundry Godavari Ghat, Antvedi Temple. Before booking or renting, check the site sewing package. You can also spend the night on the boat at the end of the day’s boat, and if they want you will take them to their own resort.

5. Tarkarli, Maharashtra

There was already angina in the Carly River in Tarkarli. The houseboat service has been launched to promote sustainable tourism under the direct supervision of the state tourism department in Maharashtra. The names of these houseboats made of traditional designs are also beautiful – Hiranyakashi, Sabitri, Sindakani, Karli, etc. It is to be noted that the Tarkali River is also part of the famous backwaters water stream. Needless to say, the boat ride will be well worth your while, with the beauty of the backwaters and the beauty of Marathi culture.

6. Udupi, Karnataka

Udupi or Odipu is a coastal district in the state of Karnataka. This place is famous as the field of Hindu mythology, Parasurama. The food is one of the attractions of this Udupi with Tulu Ashtama Krishna temple! So much so, it’s just a matter of organizing the real thing. What is the real thing? Yes, the houseboat. These houseboats, which run on the gold of the Udupi, are made in the Kerala style, but they are much larger in size. And whatever the boat is, Kerala and Karnataka will certainly not be perfect. That means you have to go to Udupi to taste your own variety of Karnataka. The houseboat will have to climb from Kalyanpura Ghat 4 km away from Udupi.

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