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Dead Sea

The sea! When the name of the water floats in front of the eyes. Around which the Thai water. There is no cool grocery anywhere. The huge giant dance genre is always after the eyes. When approaching the sea, its thirst is quenched in the great waters. What we will talk about today is a sea (actually called the heart, not the ocean) that does not violate our laws of nature. It is a sea that is different from all the seas.

History of The Dead Sea

About three million years ago, the present Jordan River, the Dead Sea, and the Wadi Arabah region were flooded again and again in the Red Sea. This creates a narrow bay. The bay was connected to the Red Sea through a narrow connection to the Jezreel Valley.

According to natural theory, the land between the valley and the Mediterranean rose to a considerable height some 2 million years ago. As a result, the bay created in this area by the flood of the ocean becomes enclosed and becomes a lake.

The photo was taken in the vicinity of Ain Gedi, salt deposited on the shores of the Dead Sea
Dead Sea’s water altitude was 100 to 250 meters higher than the current height from 70,000 years ago to 1200 years ago. Its water reached its highest altitude 26,000 years ago. About 10,000 years ago, it is surface height began to decrease dramatically, which was probably lower than the current surface height. For the past few thousand years, the surface water level has been around 400 meters.

Scientists’ Ideas About The Dead Sea

Scientists have found that there are many differences in mineral content in Dead Sea water compared to other oceans. The salt in the Dead Sea contains 14% calcium chloride, 4% potassium chloride, 50% magnesium chloride and 30% sodium chloride. Dead Sea’s salinity is about 30%. As a result, the density of water is 1.24 kg/liter. Speaking of some science, keeping an object above water will sink it. Of course, not all things will sink. If the density of the object that is placed above the water is greater than the concentration of water, then the object will be submerged in water. And if it is less, then it will float. Dead water concentration is high due to high flooding, so anyone can float in the Dead Sea. Moreover, many people believe that the cure of the Dead Sea or many diseases can cure.

Scriptures Include the Dead Sea

Most of the dead have been said about Islam. This area of Islam was the abode of the followers of the Prophet Hazrat Lot (A). The people of Hazrat Lot (A) lived in this area. At that time it was a natural and suitable place for people to live. But they were always involved in various acts of cruelty and shameless acts of homosexuality. God destroys this nation because of the hard sins of homosexuality. Lot repeatedly told his followers that what you were doing was not right. He began to tell everyone to exclude these. But no one listened to him. Instead, everyone used to laugh at him. As a result, the angels of Allah’s command finally come and destroy this nation and overthrow the land of this place. As a result, the whole nation is destroyed after being crushed. That is how Lot’s wife was punished. From this, the Dead Sea is created.

In the Holy Bible, the salinity of this Dead Sea is foretold. That once its water will no longer be saline. It will be extremely tasty. It will be suitable for many aquatic plants or animals. Scientists are also saying that the salt may be reduced by a lot at one time.

Is There Life on The Dead Sea?

Incredible but true, there is no animal living in this “Dead Sea” heart. The existence of no life was found anywhere. However, in some places in the sea, the amount of salt is very low, scientists found some algae or bacteria. Therefore, it is assumed that excess salt is not the cause of life here.

Health Effects

The Dead Sea region has become a medical science research site. Its roots include the presence of large amounts of mineral products in the water of the lake, allergy products and pollen shortages in the air, high geospatial pressure, low presence of ultraviolet elements in solar radiation. High atmospheric pressure is very useful for patients suffering from shortness of breath.
A long-term sunbath is very useful for psoriasis. The lack of ultra-violet rays in this area has played a very important role in creating a suitable environment for a sunbath. Scientists have claimed that salt from the Dead Sea is also very useful in curing the disease.

The Dead Sea as a Tourist

The heart lies on the border between Israel and Jordan. Day by day the place is becoming very popular with tourists. Many visitors flock here during the summer. The weather here is good enough for health. So, if ever there is time and opportunity, don’t come home, from this Dead Sea or the Dead Sea.

Best Things to Do Near The Dead Sea

The lake is well-positioned in Jordan to check a variety of unbelievable sites of spiritual and historic significance
The lake forms a part of the border with Israel, and this space is one in all the key Cradles of Civilization on the world, organic process to a colossal amount of the human races’ shared history. In addition to truly floating and frolicking within the lake, you’ll visit most of the close sites in an exceedingly single day if you’ve got your own automobile, or unfold it among 2 years if you’re victimization conveyance.

Best Time to Visit The Dead Sea

Some say that winter is the best time to visit the Dead Sea. After all, it is the new year vacation period for most of the world, so many people are searching for a suitable holiday destination. The advantage of a vacation at the Dead Sea at this time is quite clear – while the northern hemisphere is full of snow, and temperatures in many places fall below zero, the average temperature at the Dead Sea is remarkably comfortable.

  • Dead Sea weather December: 24-13 degrees Celsius
  • Dead Sea weather January: 22-11 degrees Celsius
  • Dead Sea weather February: 24-13 degrees Celsius

Where to Stay

Leonardo Club Hotel at the Dead Sea
Leonardo Inn Hotel at the Dead Sea
Leonardo Plaza Dead Sea Hotel
Dead Sea Dawn

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