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The marlon or lion-fish is a symbol of the pride of Singaporeans, a symbol of heroism. It is said that in the long run, when Singapore was known as Temasek or Samudranagari, a severe sea storm hit the island. When the inhabitants give their dreams to God, a lion-shaped beast comes from the sea and rescues its inhabitants from the storm. And from that, the lion-fish named Marlin symbolizes the pride and valor of the Singaporeans. Marilyn’s statue is located in Marlon Park in Marina Bay.

History Of Marlon Park

The original Marlon Park was initially designed by the Singapore commercial enterprise Board (STB) close to the mouth of the Singapore watercourse in 1964 as Associate in Nursing emblem of Singapore. On fifteen Gregorian calendar month 1972, the park was formally opened at Associate in Nursing installation ceremony for the sculpture, officiated at by then Prime Minister of Singapore, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew. The original sculpture of the Marlon accustomed stand at the mouth of the Singapore watercourse. The building of the Marlon was started in November 1971 and was completed in August 1972. It was crafted by the late Singaporean sculptor, Mr. Lim Nang Seng, and his 8 children. The sculpture measures 8.6 meters high and weighs 70 tons.

Location Of Marlon Park

Upon the completion of the promenade Bridge in 1997, the first Marlon Park location was additionally not the doorway of Singapore watercourse and therefore the sculpture may not be viewed clearly from the Marina Bay Waterfront. On twenty-three Apr 2002, the sculpture was resettled to a replacement pier specially engineered on the opposite facet of The promenade Bridge adjacent to The Fullerton building. The move, which cost $7.5 million, was completed on 25 April 2002. On fifteen Sep 2002, then-Senior Minister Lee Kuan Yew ceremonially welcome the Marlon once more on its new location, the present Marlon Park, that is fourfold larger than the first web site.

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Beauty Of Marlon Park

The Marlon is the legendary image of Singapore and simply the foremost common attraction on the complete island. Come to go to this half-fish, half-lion sculpture throughout the day to witness crowds of tourists all active for the position for Singapore’s most sought-after photo-op before of the 70-tonne concrete figure. The statue stands 8.7 meters tall and has a fountain of water spurting out into the picturesque Marina Bay. You can realize the sculpture at Marlon Park, situated at 1 Fullerton near the waterfront at Marina Bay. This must-see Singapore attraction is simply a brief walk from Raffles Place MRT Station, and can also be visited via day tours which stop off at all of the other most popular attractions in Singapore.

You can arise about the sculpture or walk on the purposeful barrier that stands proud into the bay, which presents the best position for that all-important holiday snap. Bonus points if you’ll position yourself, therefore, it’s just like the fountain of water from the Marlon is falling into your own mouth!

It’s same that the fish’s body of the Marlon represents Singapore’s humble beginnings as a tiny low fishing village at the southern tip of the Malaysian earth. The Lion’s head comes from the country’s original name, Singapura, which means Lion City in Malay.

Whilst these days most locals regard the Marlon to be a lot of a shrewd promoting tool instead of holding any deep legendary or historical significance, the statue remains an iconic symbol of the country and definitely maybe a must-see Singapore attraction.
Come early enough within the morning or late in the dark to avoid the crowds, and revel in the notably pleasant read across the bay.

Best Time To Visit In Marlon Park

It’s cold in Singapore every December to March. So winter is the perfect time to visit Marlon Park.
Afternoon to evening is the best time to go there since there is a light show from Marina Bay that you could see also. From Chinatown, you can take MRT Northeast Line, transit at Outram Park and change to East-West Green Line to stop at Raffles Place station.

Where To Stay

Many smaller hotels and restaurants are available to stay around Marlon Park. This is known as 2 stars, 3 stars, 3 stars. These hotels are very low cost and can be eaten. If you have problems with the dollar, you can book a hotel at the 2-star hotel. There are Carlton Hotel Singapore, The Fullerton Hotel, Fairmont Singapore are the best hotels and restaurants.

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